Wayne’s World


One line review: Unless your a child in the 90’s, this movie does not hold up at all.

Movie Title: Wayne’s World

Actors: Mike Myers,Dana Carvey, Rob Lowe, Tia Carrere, Doyle-Murray, Lara Flynn Boyle, Michael DeLuise, Dan Bell, Lee Tergesen

Director: Penelope Spheeris

Year: 1992

Genre: Comedy

Method of Viewing: TV

Location of Viewing: Home

Viewing with: No One

Rotten Tomatoes: 84% – An oddball comedy that revels in its silliness and memorable catch phrases, Wayne’s World is also fondly regarded because of its endearing characters.

My rating: * – A Bad Movie

My assessment (the first 101 words at least):
I simply hated this movie. Perhaps I was in a bad mood when watching or perhaps I couldn’t find humor in Wayne or Garth making funny faces. Either way, this movie was just painful for me to watch. I have heard so many different ideas about this movie, some thinking it’s an essential film, while others think it’s just a bad movie. I just don’t get this movie. I don’t know how anyone could actually like this movie. It’s stupid, vulgar, boring, and not funny. Sorry if you like it, but it’s the worst movie I have on my list. Period.

Now that I have horribly offended those who actually liked the movie, let me explain. This movie feels like it’s either meant for a different audience, or for a different age group. Maybe those who enjoy the movie saw it as a kid and have nothing but fond memories of what this movie represented. However, watching it as an adult in 2009, I couldn’t laugh at this movie.


I honestly think the character that annoys me the most, it’s Wayne. Something about the way he is constantly spewing puns, the way he’s constantly mugging for the camera or making faces. It’s almost as though the movie is trying to force his character down your throat.

It’s been suggested that I need to watch some of the Wayne’s World SNL skits, not to provide some sort of background, but to get used to the characters and the humor. However, I don’t want to put anymore effort into this movie than I already have. I nearly turned off this movie as I was watching it just so I could stop, and I refuse to watch it again.

Sorry to those who loved the movie, I simply disagree….. strongly and wholeheartedly disagree.


2 Responses to Wayne’s World

  1. Fata Morgana says:

    You aren’t alone, I never like Wayne’s World, either. The original SNL skits were hilarious, but like most SNL skits they just don’t work in movie form.

  2. […] I have to admit I was completely uninformed when I started watching this movie. I simply thought it was another comedy. I did not know it was a musical, I did not know that the Blues Brothers would have mostly Blues music (yes, that sounds stupid but I really didn’t know), and I wasn’t aware that this whole thing started as a series of SNL shorts. It was only as I complained out loud that yet another song was playing that I looked up more information on the movie and understood what I got into. I am apparently not a big fan of Blues, or if I am I don’t want it in musical form. I was simply bored every single time a beat started. Maybe it was my own mistake for coming into the movie thinking it was a comedy, or just because it isn’t my kind of movie. Either way, I was almost as bored as I was during Wayne’s World. […]

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