Star Wars

One line review: The Original Star Wars Trilogy truly is a fantastic story that has an epic feeling to it.

Movie Title: Star Wars (IV: A New Hope), (Star Wars V: )The Empire Strikes Back, (Star Wars VI: )Return of the Jedi

Actors: Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Peter Cushing, Alec Guinness, Anthony Daniels, Kenny Baker, Peter Mayhew, David Prowse, James Earl Jones, Phil Brown, Shelagh Fraser, Jack Purvis, Alex McCrindle, Eddie Byrne, Billy Dee Williams, Frank Oz, Jeremy Bulloch, John Hollis, Jack Purvis, Des Webb, Clive Revill, Sebastian Shaw, Ian McDiarmid, Michael Pennington, Kenneth Colley

Director: George Lucas / Irvin Kershner / Richard Marquand

Year: 1977 / 1980 / 1983

Genre: Action / SciFi

Method of Viewing: Television

Location of Viewing: Home

Viewing with: No One

Rotten Tomatoes:
Star Wars: 94% – The action and special effects are first rate.
The Empire Strikes Back: 97% – This is argubaly the most powerful, compelling, and entertaining of the series.
Return of the Jedi: 75% – Though failing to reach the cinematic heights of its predecessors, Return of the Jedi remains an entertaining sci-fi adventure and a fitting end to the classic trilogy.

My rating: *****

My assessment (the first 101 words at least):
I’m grudgingly giving this trilogy a 5 star rating, because going in I wanted to not like the Star Wars Trilogy. I was tired of hearing people so surprised that I had never seen it before. However, I can’t deny how well each movie works individual, and how together the trilogy results in an absolutely epic story. Despite the fact that I knew the major plot points before going into it, watching this unique little world unfold was very enjoyable. These films have held up extremely well, mainly because the story they tell is absolutely timeless. It is a fantastic trilogy.

Even though Rotten Tomatoes lists The Empire Strikes Back as the best film of the trilogy, I feel that Star Wars: A New Hope is the best movie of the series. This is a personal preference mainly because of the scale and scope of the tale in the original Star Wars. We open the movie with two droids too pathetic to actually defend themselves, and some farm boy. We end the movie with farm boy flying a fantastic fighter towards the largest space station in existence while being backed up by the fastest ship in the galaxy trying to destroy the entire thing with just a pair of torpedoes while being guided by a mysterious old magic man.

I also like that in the first movie the Force was an extremely simple, mysterious power. It was just an old man making a few small objects move, and fooling some soldiers. It was an evil robotic look man using this mysterious choke power. Other than that, it was simply an ancient order. The first thing you deal with in The Empire Strikes Back is Luke suddenly using his newly acquired Force powers to move his light sabre towards him. That’s also the movie where Luke does a weird Force assisted super jump. By Return of the Jedi we get Force-Lightning and it’s just become magic. I really prefer the mystery of an ancient power rather than Super Force powers.

The version of the movies I watched was the Lucas-fied version with Greedo shooting first and a random ass musical in Return of the Jedi. Some might say that I have to see the original, but honestly I feel that seeing the Lucas-fied version helped me understand why it’s hated so much. I originally thought it was simply because Star Wars fans didn’t like seeing their movie touched at all. It was only when I saw puppets in one moment and crappy CG in another that I truly understood how much it throws you out of the experience. Did he really hate his original movies so much that he had to ruin them like that? Oh yeah, I fast forwarded through the musical in Return of the Jedi. I don’t think anyone will blame me.

They really are some great movies, mainly because of the scale of the story they tell. I haven’t been converted to an obsessed Star Wars fan or anything, but I at least respect the trilogy now.


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