One line review: The classic Bond relies less on explosions and more on gadgets, but it’s Sean Connery that steals the show.

Movie Title: Goldfinger

Actors: Sean Connery, Honor Blackman, Gert Fröbe, Shirley Eaton, Tania Mallet, Harold Sakata, Bernard Lee, Martin Benson, Cec Linder, Austin Willis, Lois Maxwell, Bill Nagy

Director: Guy Hamilton

Year: 1964

Genre: Action

Method of Viewing: DVD

Location of Viewing: Home

Viewing with: No One

Rotten Tomatoes: 96% – This 1964 entry is the most enjoyable of the James Bond thrillers starring Sean Connery — perhaps because it’s the most comic and cartoony in look as well as conception.

My rating: ***

My assessment (the first 101 words at least): This is the classic vision of Bond I had before I had watched any of the movies; a wise-cracking agent with tech gadgets, over the top villains, and one-liners after each death. It definitely makes the series seem less noble and serious, but the one thing that this Bond has over all the others is Sean Connery. Something about his mannerisms and grin makes him my favorite James Bond. I suppose my ideal movie would be in the serious Daniel Craig universe but with Sean Connery giving his one-liners to lighten the mood. It’s an okay film, with an awesome star.


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