January 18, 2010

One line review: A fantastically enjoyable film that keeps a fast and funny pace throughout the entire movie.

Movie Title: Ghostbusters

Actors: Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Harold Ramis, Rick Moranis, Annie Potts, William Atherton, Ernie Hudson

Director: Ivan Reitman

Year: 1984

Genre: Action / Comedy

Method of Viewing: DVD

Location of Viewing: Home

Viewing with: No One

Rotten Tomatoes: 93% – Ghostbusters is an infectiously fun blend of special effects and comedy, featuring a hilarious deadpan performance from Bill Murray.

My rating: *****

My assessment (the first 101 words at least): Each of these famous movies are forced to live up to different expectations, however this one did the best job. Within twenty minutes of the movie, all the pieces were there and the gang was ready to start busting ghosts. From beginning to end this movie is delivering sarcasm, one liners, and fantastic quotes. Ghostbusters never allows you to stop and think about the silly premise or nearly non-existent plot because there are so many jokes to laugh at. All of the actors deliver a perfect ensemble to ensure every kind of humor is here to make for a fantastic movie.

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September 13, 2009

One line review: Rodney Dangerfield = Happiness

Movie Title: Caddyshack

Actors: Rodney Dangerfield, Chevy Chase, Bill Murray

Director: Harold Ramis

Year: 1980

Genre: Comedy

Method of Viewing: Netflix Online

Location of Viewing: Waiting Room of Hospital and Home

Viewing with: No one

Rotten Tomatoes: 76% – Though unabashedly crude and juvenile, Caddyshack nevertheless scores with its classic slapstick, unforgettable characters, and endlessly quotable dialogue.

My rating:  **** – A Legendary movie, but with some flaws

My assessment (the first 101 words at least): Thank God for Rodney Dangerfield. I honestly feel that without him this movie would have been just okay, but every time Dangerfield was on the screen I was either giggling or laughing out loud. Something about his face, his mannerisms just makes me smile. While I understand the purpose of Bill Murray, I didn’t enjoy the low brow and slap stick humor he provided. Chevy Chase’s character didn’t feel like it was meant to be laugh a minute funny so much as one-liner funny. I suppose the end result is three characters combining different comedic styles to make an awesome movie.

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